1-Claim to the National Health authorities, so that they disclose, instruct and inform health professionals about a pathology that despite being incipient, is studied and identified and that due to its characteristics has not yet created the necessary and sufficient social alarm and of which there is sufficient literature and information about it.

2-That the medical doctors know how to interpret a genetic study that optimizes the results of the corresponding treatments and that in the cases in which the patients lack this study, the doctors are able to detect this pathology if it exists, given the observed response in these treatments.

3-Disseminate the characteristics of this pathology in order to help self-identify those people who suffer from it but who do not know the cause, that is, 5% of Spaniards.

4-Inform associates about the latest news, advances and developments related to pharmacogenetics.

5-Bring together the necessary social forum of patients.

6-That patients can receive the services of professionals who are in a position to advise on clinical problems related to pharmacogenetics, that is, primary care.

7-That the laboratories insert in the leaflets of their corresponding drugs the enzyme / s responsible for their metabolization, that is, their pharmacokinetics and / or their pharmacogenetics.