Do the medicines make you sick?
It is possible that the cause is due to alterations in some of your genes, or pharmacogenetics.
Medicines or drugs constitute one of the great advances of humanity and must be essential, although on many occasions they produce adverse effects, but in many cases the medicines are not the culprits and may be the alterations of some genes that have, to a greater or lesser degree, the most people unknowingly. Knowledge of these alterations is called pharmacogenetics.

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Connect and express your doubts and opinions. Most of those who suffer from these alterations are unaware of it and for this reason we invite you to enter our website where we can help you to find out if pharmacogenetics is the cause of your problems with medicines or drugs.

Most primary care doctors, understandably, do not have enough knowledge to help you, especially since this topic belongs to the world of pharmacology.

Pharmacogenetics is not a new discovery, it is not an esoteric concept, it is not a rare disease and it is not science fiction.

Pharmacogenetics is:
-It is a science within the field of Human Health, basic and applied, that arose in the 60s of the last century. Its practical applications are based on the clinical analysis of genetic changes in the DNA sequence in blood samples or jugal cells (inner face of the cheeks) that are responsible for the different response that individuals have to the same drug. It is a science that has developed rapidly due to the technological advances derived from the Human Genome Project and as a discipline it is already studied in some Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine in our country.
-That these variations are one of the most frequent preventable causes of the appearance of adverse effects, including the death of the person. And also sometimes the lack of response to treatments.
-That its alterations hinder the metabolization of drugs and other substances such as essential nutrients, food, supplements, that is, the transformation of fat-soluble into water-soluble in order to be expelled from our body, producing accumulation and consequently producing over or underdosing.
-That for various reasons, it has been incomprehensibly approached with much delay.
-That there are international organizations such as the NIH, FDA, PGRN, DPWG and national organizations such as SEFF, AEMPS that are working to generate the necessary knowledge in this matter and publish, by the Drug Regulatory Agencies, the recommendations on the use of these Genetic Biomarkers in certain drugs to reduce adverse effects and optimize the response to them (here you have to say what each acronym means eg NIH =National Institutes of Health-USA, FDA=Food and Drug Administration, AEMPS= Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products DPWG= Dutch Pharmacogenetic Working Group PGRN=Pharmacogenomic Research Network.
-That in various pathologies, especially oncology, new concepts are already being applied in order to optimize pharmaceutical treatments, constituting one of the main advances in cancer.
-That adverse effects of drug origin have been the 4th-6th cause of death in the USA with 106,000 deaths. (Jason Lazarou, MSc; Bruce H. Pomeranz, MD, PhD; Paul N. Corey, PhD. Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients A Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies JAMA. 1998;279(15):1200-1205. doi:10.1001/jama.279.15.1200 )
The US has always been at the forefront in PHARMACOGENETICS research.
In that country, the pharmaceutical establishment is responsible for its optimization and even for primary care.

As an example, a pamphlet that we reproduce here, distributed by the prestigious or CPIC in 2005, was intended to inform the inhabitants of that country and even the Spanish-speaking ones about the nature of PHARMACOGENETICS.

That is exactly what this Association intends to develop, to inform.