Current reality of pharmacogenetics seen from the perspective of patients.

We do not find patients with GFR pharmacogenetic alterations in the street, especially because they themselves do not know that they suffer from it, they suffer it but they ignore the cause and we have no way of detecting them in order to congregate them.

If we request information about their existence from the analysis laboratories where they have the information on the positives made or from the few knowledgeable primary care doctors who have contacted a case, they will not be able to communicate it to us due to data protection.

For all these reasons, they will remain disjointed, without the possibility of connection, without social weight to claim and without means to contrast and obtain information.

It is essential for our purposes as representatives of these patients that there is such a connection and the only way would be to promote and disseminate Pharmacogenetics through social media, mainly through social networks or through the media through interviews or information.

The subscriber discovered the cause of his problems that he has been suffering all his life through a newscast in a one-minute information in 2014.

Primary care doctors could be the channel for the transmission of information, but almost none of them know the genetic drug, despite informing them that this would help to optimize the treatments they prescribe and it would seem that this does not interest them, perhaps because no one has informed them, or because it may seem complex or because the world of pharmacy is the one that must take care of these issues.

Well, let's solve it, it's very easy:

It would take 30 minutes to inform a doctor about the basic principles of GFR and another 30 to know how to interpret the corresponding GFR analysis of each patient to optimize treatment and, if it is not available, know how to interpret the symptoms that they advise to perform. the FG analysis.

Another thing is the price of these analyzes and that they are correct, but it is clear that in the worst case, we will at least know the patient's genes with mutations and the basic precautions that must be taken.

In short, the basic values ​​that all people who may have interests in the Genetics drug should know, including especially patients, would be:

-We need doctors in primary care in GF and professional, useful and valid GF analysis.

-To remember that this pathology is suffered by 5% of Spaniards in the first degree and up to 90% in a lesser degree.
-This pathology could constitute a tragedy in the pharmacological treatments of chronic diseases.
-The Genetic Drug deals with the unwanted accumulation of drugs in our body.

Association of Patients with PHARmacogenetic Alterations.