Cover letter to other Associations

Association of patients with drug-genetic alterations ASPAFAR, with the recently created Web “”, reminds you that
advances in oncology in recent years have been based primarily on the application of the genetic drug; however other pathologies have not been able to use these tools mainly due to the lack of knowledge of pharmacogenetics.

That is why they agreed to start the crusade that has already been used by the oncological and perhaps neuro-psychiatric establishment, with the in order to optimize the usual pharmacological treatments and especially in those chronic or pain-related pathologies. Therefore, it would be convenient for the associates of the Associations of various pathologies know the existence of this association as a complementary resource to the pharmacological treatment of their respective pathologies.

We remind you that as it appears in the letter of our website in the opinions section, this pathology is relatively incipient but no less important and must be known by all who suffer it to achieve social weight that allows us to pressure all 

In conclusion, periodic monitoring is necessary informative on our website. Do not forget that in Spain 5% of the population suffer these genetic alterations in a first degree and up to 90% progressively to a lesser degree. And that the problems derived from Pharmacogenetics appear especially when a chronic pathology occurs, due to pharmaceutical treatment. 

Association of Patients with PHARmacogenetic Alterations.